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Related post: Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 21:36:11 +0000 (GMT) From: T J Subject: Rebecca & Mike's ski trip 8New Years Eve was preteen horny nudist always going to be a celebration. Our afternoon romp with Stephane, Anders preteen hairy photos and Marco had culminated with Stephane becoming only Susan's second lover. In the shower after the guys had left, Susan and I talked about what a beautiful experience it had been for her. It gave us a very special reason to celebrate that night.After showering Susan and I went to bed for a couple of hours, leaving Michael to clear up and greet Kate when she came over to prepare things for tomorrow - it being New Year's Day she had the day off, but still had to prepare our breakfast and do the washing, poor thing. That evening we'd let her off making us dinner, with Jill asking her if she'd join us for New Years Day. Despite the fact that she'd been with some of our group that second evening in the resort, and spent all that night with Jill and the professor, only Helen had been with her since. Yesterday afternoon Helen had taken a tumble on the slopes and came back early. Kate had come over to make the mulled wine and prepare dinner, and, well, one thing had lead to another.. Kate and I had not yet made preteen bikini hentai love, nor had she been with Mai-Ling and Susan, so I for one was delighted to have her along tomorrow, and I think the rest were too.Leaving bbs guide preteen Susan and I asleep, Michael had showered with Mai-Ling and told her of the afternoon's events. When Jill and the professor got back Mai-Ling and Michael told them, and duly made a big deal of how jpg naked preteen beautiful it really had been.After Jill and the professor had showered, preteens on beach all for of them came into our room to wake us. We were both dead to the world, in deep sleeps, our bodies spooned together, me behind with a protective arm and leg hard preteen gallery wrapped around Susan. It was Jill who I recall first as I awoke, with Susan stirring to her father's touch. As she came to Susan gave him a big, sleepy hug.Jill spoke first. "Michael maxwells preteen modles has told us about this afternoon, and we just want to say how much we love you""Dad, he was beautiful", whispered Susan"Stephane is a wonderful lover," I added"He is," agreed Jill, sitting next to me on the bed, "and you made a good choice, Susan"The professor continued, "You know we met with preteens nonude blogs Johan and Freida yesterday for lunch, and we feel very comfortable them and their family. We know you're growing up fast Susan, and that sooner or later you would want somebody more than Michael, so we're not mad. We know you're a more independent spirit than your sister, and we understand you are growing up and will need to make these decisions on your own to some extent. I guess we just feel we would have liked to have been there with you, like preteen asian boys we were for Clare.""But daddy," said Susan, foro preteen ilegal "You were there with me."This comment had me curious. I looked at Michael. He preteen model funs was perplexed too. Susan reached over and took her dads hand, pulled it under the covers and placed it against her left breast. With her heart nun preteen pic pounding thought her breast and into her father's hand, she virtual preteen pussy looked deep into his eyes and said:"When I make love with Michael, its only him I make love to. When I was making love to Stephane, inside I was making love to you."God, that was beautiful. Susan looked across to her mother. Jill smiled. Susan turned her face back to her father. "I want you to make love to me, dad. I'm ready."It was an exquisite moment between Susan and her parents. I felt somewhat awkward lying next to her in bed, kind of in the way between them, but I wouldn't have sweet preteen models missed that moment for the world. Standing at the side of the bed Mai-Ling put naked preteen cunts her arms around Michael. I took the silence to take my hands away from Susan and slide out of bed, making room for Jill to take my place."Don't leave", said the professor. He stood up, and came across to the three of us. His eyes preteen under 14 were welled up with tears. "I just want to say I love all of you," and we fell into one of those communal hug things. Mailing, Michael and I then left. A few moments later the professor came out, and I went to give him a hug."She so loves you, you know" I said"I know," said the professor, "and I so love her".Back in the bedroom Jill and Susan were facing eachother, bodies under the covers, mouths together in a sensual, lustful kiss. Susan helped her mum remove her bathrobe so preteen ballerina models the two of them were naked, bodies pressed against eachother, lounging in the contours of eachother's femininity "Tonight, Susan", said Jill. "Lets make it a New Year's Eve to remember" For the next 40 minutes or so Jill and Susan made love. Just the two of them, no toys, no interruptions, no cock. Mother and daughter making beautiful ,sensual, romantic lesbian love.Out in the main room Helen, Kate and Clare were sharing their first young tender preteen sips of champagne with eachother. More precisely, Kate was going down on Helen with a mouthful of ice cold bubbly, whilst model forum preteens Clare held a glass over Helen's breasts and was gently pouring small amounts over them then ducking down to drink and lick it off. When preteen legal models she saw us come into the room, her eyes preteen russian naked lit up.I was contentedly naked, but shivering a little having preteen clit just jumped out of bed. Michael and Mai-Ling were both clothed, 3d pics preteen and the professor had just a robe on. The sight of Clare licking champagne off Helen's tits was wonderful. I wanted some of that. The idea of having champagne licked out my pussy was too much to turn down. I pecked the professor on the cheek and made my way across the room to Clare. We fell into eachother's arms. This was going to be fun. After all that cock this afternoon, some lesbian lust was just the ticket. I was in a giving mood, and Clare was going to receive me.Whilst Michael and I had already had a romp that afternoon, Mai-Ling and the professor had missed out, so rightly he decided they needed looking after. portal euro preteens preteen incest young Whilst all three looked on at us girls, me maneuvering Clare into a comfortable 69, Michael reached inside the professor's robe and stroked his penis. Mai-Ling brought her hand inside his robe too, whispering,"Aren't they beautiful, George. Lets make this night really special for Susan. preteen lingere models I agree with her. I think she's ready for you."They both felt the professor's cock surge with blood. Michael felt his own cock spring to life too. He'd been spoilt for the last two months being the only one to be preteen latin model indonesian preteen model Susan's lover, and knew it would not last forever. The thought of watching the professor make love to her was so thrilling. Mai-Ling continued: "It should be you, with Clare and Susan, and Jill with Sam alongside, making love to eachother at the stroke of midnight."The professor smiled. As he listened to Mai-ling, enjoyed the touch of her and Michael, and watched us girls on the couch, the professor produced little young preteenz a raging hard on at the thought of that particular New Year celebration. Making love to Susan. How he'd longed for that day. As it swelled to its full enormity, Michael could no longer resist it. He dropped to his knees and preteens bare images had Mai-Ling feed the professor's cock into his mouth. This was his fourth cock nude preteen children in about 3 hours. And he was loving preteen jap it.The professor looked down at Michael, savouring the accomplished action and enjoying Mai-Lings massaging of his balls. After another brief look at the couch Clare had a pussy full of champagne now and I was having just the most wonderful time licking her out - he turned to Mai- Ling"We owe it all to you, Mai-Ling" naked new preteen he said, and kissed her. It was a short kiss. Michael then heard her say"Best you fuck my brains out by way of a thank you" she said.Although Michael kept his lips firmly around the professors cock, he momentarily preteens mature stopped his blow job and looked up, somewhat shocked by Mai-Ling's words. czech preteen girls They were both looking down at Michael, smiling."Couch", said Mai-Ling.The three of them made their way over to the couch next to ours. The professor lay out lengthwise, Michael resumed his blow job, preteen underage pussy and Mai-Ling straddled her pussy over the professor's mouth, facing Michael. She then came down to join Michael, and for the next 10 minutes or so they shared that enormous cock, all the time Mai-Ling riding the professor's experienced tongue.Alongside Helen was nearing climax, so Clare preteen virgin tpg and I broke from preteennude free sites eachother other to tend preteen tai nudes to Helen's mouth, breasts, hands and any other part of naturist preteens galleries her body. Kate was a fantastic pussy licker, and I couldn't wait to get my share of her. But our focus was Helen now, and with all that dog preteen hump feminine attention we soon brought her crashing over the edge.As the waves subsided I drew Kate toward my mouth and we shared our first cum- tingling kiss."God I've so wanted to kiss you", said Kate."Me too," preteen toon links I said, "And what better way." With that we both looked at Helen, who finally opened her preteen contortionist pics eyes. Kate leaned over and kissed her, and Clare brought her lips into the frame too. I traced my hands down Kate's body, back and front, and brought them round her ass. I then slid off the couch, onto my bum, facing outwards, and brought my head up from underneath, right to Kate's pussy lips. I was going to enjoy this, and so was Kate. That I was sure of. As I dived in Helen adjusted her legs to make room for me, but she didn't have to move much. She just carried on kissing Kate, and Clare got to work on her tits and ass.We were in this position when Sam and Maria came in from their showers, all ready in their going out clothes for dinner. I had no idea they were in the room preteen picture forums until I felt a pair of lips and expert tongue explore my open pussy. I didn't need to look. I knew Maria's tongue in an instant, and preteen kisses it was such a lovely surprise. Sam pulled out his dick and within seconds was rock hard. He positioned himself to Maria's side and over me, so that his dick could reach Kate's hole. I sensed his presence and put my hands around preteen girls bikinis his cock. I then pulled it to the edge of Kate's hole, and gently pumped it in and out, maximum about a couple of inches, knowing that was all Kate naked 9yo preteens would need, and that it would also not interfere with my licking of pedo incest preteen her clit. Within a minute I was proved right. Kate's moans became preteen asia pics those characteristic of impending explosion, and we all knew it. I loved this bit, knowing I was the principle orchestrater and the one about to get a mouth full of pussy juice. Kate didn't let me down. She came in floods, really sweet tasting.As find preteen nudes Kate's release subsided, I could return my focus to my own pussy and what Maria was doing to it. After I'd pulled myself away from Kate, Sam proceded to get right into shagging her from behind, leaving Kate deep in la-la land with a massive internal orgasm soon to follow. Maria allowed me to extricate myself from under Kate but never released her lips from my pussy lips. I'm sure the excitement of having Kate as a new conquest was complementing Maria's skills at licking me out, and in almost no preteen nude book time at all I was on the brink of my own orgasm. Clare, along with Maria, sensed my pre-orgasmic state. manga gallery preteen As Helen stroked my preteen nudist portals hair and neck, Clare came down and began to kiss me, licking Kate's juices from my face and exploring my mouth with her tongue. This was just too preteen porn torrent much for me to withstand. One more flick of Maria's tongue and I models elite preteen was gone, over the edge and preteen girl guns into oblivion.I came round to gentle, very nude preteens liks soft kisses from Maria, my head still in Helen's lap. Next to us Sam was busy taking Kate right over the edge, with Helen fixing hot preteen action her hands on Kate's breasts and kissing Kate deeply. The orgasm was a belter, and joint delight for Kate and upskirt preteen cp Sam, who preteen cgiworld boards filled her pussy sublimely with spurt after fresh nude preteens spurt. Maria was back on her knees in a flash, sure to lick Sam's cum from Kate's hole as he withdrew. What a cocktail she got. The sweetest of the male and female juices of our group, all mixed together. There was too much for her to take alone, and she pulled me to share some. First I cleaned up Sam's cock with my lips, then I greedily returned to Kates pussy and licked out the rest of Sam's cum. Washing youngest preteen photos the final lot out with champagne, that's what I call a pre- dinner drink!Whilst we'd been having our fill of eachother and Kate, Clare had moved over and preteen boys porno was now making love with Michael on the far couch. They looked so good together. Mai-Ling was, as she'd told Michael earlier, having the professor fuck her brains out. As we girls recovered a little and got comfortable, we just couldn't take our eyes off Mai-Ling and the professor. They were really going gift pre teen for it, much more robustly and banned preteen list powerfully than our usual sessions. The juxtaposition with Michael and Clare's gentle love making on the other couch could not be more stark. We didn't have to wait long before both Mai-Ling and the professor hit almighty orgasms. I was really taken aback. In fact we were all rather speechless, with Helen seemingly almost offended.What broke us from our silence was the sound of Clare cumming. How I loved that sound. Michael was preteen nude gallary not there yet, but I knew he would be soon. Maria and I watched them in adoration for a while. It was beautiful lovemaking - gentle, sensual, sexy, and, very shortly, orgasmic for Michael too. 14y preteen Now that was the sought of love making I enjoyed. Maria whispered to me, "He's definitely the best lover here, you know." I smiled deep inside. Coming from Maria that was something - she didn't really go for boys all that much, and I had thought Sam was her favourite"I do know, yeah" I said. "But you've got to hand it to Sam, he's wonderful too." Maria seemed to like model preteen pornography that.Yeah,", she replied, "but I've watched Michael with both Susan and Clare, and he just, I don't know, does it right." I squeezed her hand, then slipped my other hand between her legs, playing ever to gently with her clit. Maria sighed in acceptance and love of the feeling. She continued: "He does it right with you, and mom too. Then he seems russian preteen feet to do it right to Sam and the professor. He is just, well, so together. He's terrific.""You know what" I said, continuing to play with her "He sucked off Marco, Stephane and Anders this afternoon. They didn't wank into his mouth. He sucked them all to orgasm. preteen underage cp It was a complete fantasy." Maria turned round with a wicked smile. I teased her clit a little more. "That's from a guy who three months ago had never even thought of sucking cock, let alone do it. He truly is wonderful""Mom was telling me about how much fun she used to find it, but then." Maria's voice trailed off. I slid down her front and licked her juices for half a minute, then slid back up and kissed her tenderly. Once she'd regain track of her thoughts, Maria added: "I guess that's part of why I've never really gotten into boys. Girls do it so well". I smiled. "I used to get so jealous of Clare when she flirted with guys. I just couldn't understand what she saw in them, and couldn't see in me."We both looked over to Clare, lying exhausted on top of Michael. Maria continued, beginning now to writhe and thrust her hips onto my fingers. "What is it about most guys that makes so many of them such arseholes, family preteen sex and women such good lovers?. They just don't understand and respect.." Her voice preteen models swimsuits trailed off as she seemed bambina preteen porn to lose herself in my touch. ".. tenderness.," she whispered, barely managing to finish her sentence.I put my other hand down between Maria's legs and brought my fingers of the first hand up to my lips, passing some fingers to her for licking, then drawing her into a long and passionate kiss. "These guys here," I said, "like Sam and Michael, they are quite unique. The professor is too. That might have seemed a little too rough for you and your mom, and it probably was for me too. But Mai-Ling likes it. Plus she was fucking his brains out there because she needs to drain him a little for tonight." Maria looked puzzled. I continued to swap hands and sharing Maria's juice with us both licking my fingers, and gradually explained:"Tonight Susan and her dad are going to make out. I think Mai-Ling wants to make sure that the professor is a complete puppy, leaving Susan in complete control. That's how she was with preteen panty pics Michael at the start. Now its 50:50, but first time it had to preteen photo bbs be Susan calling preteens all the shots. With 9 inches the professor could actually do damage Susan without really knowing it. So, Mai-Ling has made sure he's not got too much testosterone pumping through him, just love for his daughter."Now that she understood, Maria liked the sound of this. "She's really lovely tiny preteen thumbnails Mai- Ling" I agreed, and whispered how lovely Maria's pussy felt to me right now. I wanted to explore Maria's feelings for cock, and so whispered how I loved sucking pussy and sucking cock, making both cum and swallowing the juices. I talked adoringly of Sam's cock, clare's pussy, Jills, Mai-Lings. All the time I was stroking Maria, occaisionally sliding down to nibble at her breasts. She was really getting going here. But I wanted to prolong the experience. We were in our own little world, I and was loving it. I went on to say how much I worshipped the professors cock."He is huge, isn't he?" Maria managed to say between moans"Huge, and so juicy, Maria" I said. "His cum is wonderful," I continued, increasing the pressure on her 2005 imgboard preteen clit. I wanted to talk dirty to Maria, see how she liked it. I looked at her really quite closely. She was a lovely girl becoming a lovely woman. I so envied her in a way. At her age I would have been over-awed by our group, but she was beginning to take it in her stride. I whispered about sucking his cock, and the joys of having cum spurt in your mouth. Maria was moaning all the more.I knew not to go preteen lesbian sex too far with boys, so I then moved back to women, and focused on her two favourite things - Clare and her mom. I got nonnude preteen thongs Maria to tell me all the things she and Clare got up to in boarding school that week before the end of Christmas term. Maria was preteen pussy nudists finding it hard to control herself now. My preteen bikini oops hand was sopping wet, and struggling to resist the pressure of her thrusts. She grabbed my hand herself and pressed it hard against her clit."The way you and your mom make love is amazing," I said. "The way you lick pussy is amazing, Maria. You mom's pussy is just so gorgeous, isn't it?" Maria moaned in agreement. "Tell me about it, Maria. Tell me about your mom's pussy. Tell me about Clare's pussy. Tell me about your mom's tongue inside your pussy, Maria. Tell me about how model pic preteens it feels."I was beginning to lose it myself a little now, but I just couldn't let go of zoom preteen Maria's clit. She raised her hands to play with her breasts, and I leant forward to kiss them.Maria's body was right on the brink now. I told her how utterly wonderful I found watching her and her mom together. I told her how beautiful she was, and how I fantasized at night about Michael and I taking them preteen beauty tips both to our bed, and giving preteen undreage them orgasms all night long. I wanted to lick Michael's cum from her pussy and her moms preteens pantes models pussy juice from her face.What finally brought her over the edge was the idea of us both sharing a blow job of Michael, having preteen ls home him spurt his cum over our faces, then having her mom lick it off our preteen modl faces, cum kissing us both, then allowing us a final cum kiss and swallow. It preteen model group was those final moments of cum kisses with mom and me that brought Maria's strongest orgasm of the year, just in time in fact to claim that accolade.She came in torrents, her body exploding and collapsing, shuddering and shaking at the intensity. As her juices flowed I progressively brought juices up to taste. Then her mom appeared at her feet and began to lap us the juice. 30 seconds later Maria came to a second orgasm, and less than a minute later, another. None of masha vids preteens us had any idea she was multi-orgasmic, and the room all focused on Maria, her mom, and me. It was an amazing experience.Maria finally came down after a forth orgasm drained her of all resistance and capacity to sit up. He clothes were strewn about her body, her nude preteens girl hair a complete mess, her lipstick smeared and male preteen pictures her make up in ruins. No one could ever look more beautiful.Helen and I brought her to her feet, and took her off to the big bath in the en suite to the main room. We sat preteen sexs gallery her on the side of the bath while I ran it and Helen looked for some dry towels. I knelt down in front of Maria and hugged her, burying my head into her breasts. Maria put her arms around me and hugged me back.We broke from the hug when her mom returned. I hot preteen blondes looked up into Maria's eyes and saw tears well up. Helen sat on the edge of the bath, and put her arm around her daughter."I love you, Maria""I know mom. I love you too."Maria looked down at me."Did you know you were multi-orgasmic?" She shook her head. "Did you enjoy it?" she nodded her head, and a huge grin escaped across her face. She looked at preteens mom pics Helen."I think after a soak we should give a lot of thought to stealing Rebecca from Michael, what do you think, Maria?" said Helen.Maria smiled. "No, I'd want Michael to come too, mom. I think I like boys too, at least these guys any way""Tell you what" I said, getting preteen lingire models up, and pre teen gays leaving them to it. "Why don't the four of us get together later this evening. Maria and I have some special scenes we'd like to enact"With that I winked at Maria, who smiled back. Helen smiled up at me also. extrem preteen sex This was working out to be a fantastic New Years Eve.
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